For all of this week (Mon, 12 Sep – Fri 16 Sep) entrance into the West Coast National Park, and all national parks nationwide, is free. Why? Because National Park Week!

west coast national park

We made our way to the West Coast National Park today in the hope of spotting the last of spring’s flowers. While there wasn’t necessarily an epic abundance of blooms, there were still enough pretty petals scattered about to put a smile on my face.

Where to spot flowers in the West Coast National Park

Your best chance of spotting flowers is to head to Postberg, which is only open to the public during flower season. The drive there from the West Coast road entrance will take you along the entire vertical breadth of the park. It’s a scenic and peaceful drive so don’t rush. You’ll also spot flowers on the way there so stop every now and then to take it all in.

west coast national park

Sadly a lot of the flowers have already withered. If you look closely you’ll spot all their dried stalks. Kinda like a flower graveyard. But there’s definitely enough prettiness to distract you!

Floral floundering aside, the West Coast National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Cape Town to visit. From turquoise bays reminiscent of the Greek islands, to bold boulder formations, there’s plenty to see.

west coast national park

The West Coast National Park closes at 6pm every day. Check out their website for more deets.

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