Taste of Cape Town – Tequila cured trout from Azure


Taste of Cape Town is one of my absolute fav foodie events. It’s pretty much a food lover’s dream. You could liken it to being a kid in a candy store really! For a full write-up on what I loved and didn’t love as much, check out my article for More Than Food HERE. 

Otherwise, enjoy the photies and get ready to drool!

Getting started



Rekorderlig Swedish cider.

Rekorderlig is the MOST delicious cider I’ve ever tried. I opted for strawberry and lime. But they also offer wild berry, and pear.


Taste of Cape Town - The Pickled Popper

The Pickled Popper

The Pickled Popper offered four cheese chilli poppers with the crispiest coating you could ever imagine.


Taste of Cape Town - Tandoor Oven

Tandoor Oven

I devoured a lamb curry from Jewel of India and scoped out this very cool traditional tandoor oven.

Fine dining


Taste of Cape Town - Hemelhuijs



Taste of Cape Town - Sichuan Calamari from Hemelhuijs

Sichuan Calamari from Hemelhuijs

Asasdo meat aka braai vleis!


Taste of Cape Town - Argies asado

Argies asado

Asado is the Argentinian version of the braai – and it’s just as delicious!


Taste of Cape Town - Chimichurri beef from Argies

Chimichurri beef from Argies


Taste of Cape Town - Disaranno


Disaranno’s Sour Jars consisted of Disaranno (obviously!), lemon, and sugar. SO. EFFING. GOOD. Clearly I wasn’t quite ready to let go of that wine yet.




This was my absolute FAV dish of the day! It’s a lamb barbecoa and it was EVERYTHING.



Cafe Caprice G&T ice lollies

Pretty much a gin-lover’s dream – a pretty pastel box of free G&T ice lollies. Yes please!


Taste of Cape Town - Villiera Wines

Villiera Wines



Queen of Tarts

I wasn’t leaving Taste of Cape Town without takeaway dessert! A white chocolate and berry tart, and a chocolate Guinness cupcake went down a treat later that evening.








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