Feating in the vineyards at Bramon Wine Estate, Plett

Feasting in the vineyards at Bramon Wine Estate, Plett

If you’re ever in Plett or planning to go to Plett, Bramon Wine Estate is an absolute must-do! Nibbling on tapas and sipping on the crispest ever Sauvignon Blanc in the midst of their vineyards is an experience I won’t soon forget. Be sure to book in advance though to request a vineyard table. Anything less and you’re short-changing yourself.


The outside of Bramon is pretty unassuming, but inside lies a feast for any foodie and oenophile.



I loved the chalk board outside that read “Please wait to be seated. No Grumpiness.” – a hint towards the quirkiness of the farm’s owners.

Of course the first thing on anyone’s mind when visiting a wine farm is the vino! Despite the moody skies, it was a beautifully warm day, and for me that always calls for a fresh and fruity Sauv Blanc.

Dad thought it was a little dry, but he does have an affinity for sweeter wines growing up in Portugal and making his own with my grandparents.


The Crags Sauvignon Blanc 2014, Bramon Wine Estate



One for me, one for dad, and one for manfriend!

After soaking in the inexplicably beautiful scenery, and sipping on some Sauv, it was time to make some important decisions – what tapas tickled our tastes best?!


Explaining the menu and ordering process to dad.

The ordering process is simple and relaxed. They give you a sheet of paper with all the mezze/tapas listed, and you simply tick what you’d like. They recommend 2 – 3 tapas per person, served with their freshly baked bread. While everything on the “menu” sounds delicious, it’s really best to stick to about 2 tapas per person and order more if you’d like once your done.


It’s hard not to smile at Bramon.



There’s about 5 or 6 tables outside in the Vineyards at Bramon Wine Estate. They’re a hot commodity so book in advance!



This food though…



This bread though..


That view though...

That view though…

The food was delicious. My sexual orientation is pretty much carbs, so the freshly baked bread was everything and a bag of chips. The chicken wings were a little too sweet to me, and the spinach and feta pastry cigars were oily, although still tasty! Overall, everything was yummo.

I have a small gripe about the table that we sat at though. The wood top was still releasing sticky sap which made for some discomfort. But it certainly didn’t ruin my day!

Post feasting and drinking, a stroll was a definite requirement. Luckily, there’s a plenty of scope for roaming at Bramon Wine Estate.

Vineyard stroll with daddo.

Vineyard stroll with daddo.


We found a boat!

We found a boat!



Finding peace in pretty places is my favourite.

Huge thanks to my manfriend, Jarret Johnson for all the amazing photos, and for sneakily planning for my dad to join us during this epic weekend in Plett. I got to spend a few days with my absolute favourite men, which was so good for my soul.

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