Guys, The Shortmarket Club by Luke Dale Roberts and Wesley Randles has finally opened it’s doors in Cape Town! If you’re a Luke Dale Roberts fan, or even just of food in general, you’ll want to head there ASAP. The space is sure to book up real quick just like Roberts’ other little ventures, The Test Kitchen and The Pot Luck Club. Yes, the man is pretty much a genius. Anything he touches turns to foodie gold. In case you didn’t already know, The Test Kitchen was named Eat Out’s number one restaurant in South Africa, with The Pot Luck Club coming in ninth position. As if that’s not enough, The Test Kitchen placed 22nd in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. THE WORLD’S!!! So you get why visiting The Shortmarket club is a must right?

The Shortmarket Club

How’s the lighting in this place?

More on The Shortmarket Club

Aaanyway, earlier this month I attended the launch party for The Shortmarket Club, and the place is a gem. The interior is incredibly unique, and kind of dark, sultry and sexy. For a full write-up on the launch party, check out It’s worth a read to get the lowdown on the type of food, wine, and general vibe to expect. Otherwise, enjoy the lovely images snapped by partner in crime, Jarret Johnson…

The Shortmarket Club

The entrance passage to The Shortmarket Club

The shortmarket club

Romantic huh???

The Shortmarket Club

This butterfly mural on the far end of the dining area has an epic story. But you’ll have to read my full write-up for that…

Food at The Shortmarket Club

The Shortmarket Club

Watching these chefs at work is like watching The Rolling Stones perform.

The Shortmarket Club

Tiny taster portions…

The Shortmarket Club

Seared tuna. So much of good.

The shormarket club

Crumbed octopus – delish! Is it just me or is octopus having a moment RN??

The shortmarket club


the shortmarket club

Mini desserts. Life changing.

CHEERS to an epic new space in Cape Town’s CBD…

The Shortmarket Club

These bubbly glasses are way too beaut

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