The beauty of this salted chocolate ganache tart with toasty popcorn base is that you can make it as easy or as difficult for yourself as you please. The only real effort is making the popcorn and caramel, but you could very easily just use store bought popcorn and hunt down some Diddle Daddles (do they still make those???) for the topping instead. In fact I highly recommend that if you’re not going to be devouring the entire tart with a group of friends in one sitting, since the homemade caramel popcorn can go soggy.

salted chocolate ganache tart salted chocolate gnache tart

Apart from those elements, this tart is unbelievably easy to prepare and offers bucket loads of joy. If you’re into sweet and salty desserts, this will be your ultimate! Proceed with caution though – the sweet and salty aspects of this tart have to be in perfect harmonious balance, otherwise each will fight for dominance. Everyone’s palate differs so the trick is to taste as you go.

salted chocolate ganache tart

Once you get it right, the salted chocolate ganache tart is a showstopper with its glistening chocolate top and caramalised popcorn crown.

How to make salted chocolate ganache tart

Serves 8 – 10


For the popcorn base:

60g plain popcorn – You can make your own or use store bought
40g short bread biscuits like Eet Sum Mor
100g melted butter
Salt to taste

For the salted chocolate ganache:

1 and a quarter cups cream
350g chocolate of your choice roughly chopped – I use half 70% cocoa, half 85% cocoa. I wouldn’t recommend using milk chocolate alone.
50g butter
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 – 2 tsp salt according to taste

For the caramel popcorn:

2 cups plain popcorn
1 Tbs butter
3/4 cup brown or demarara sugar
3 Tbs water
OR skip all this and just use Diddle Daddles or any other store bought caramel popcorn!

salted chocolate ganache tart

Step by step…


For the popcorn base:

Grease a 20 – 23cm spring form cake tin and set aside.
Blitz popcorn and biscuits in a processor and turn out into a bowl.
Add melted butter, season with a little salt, and stir until incorporated.
Press popcorn crumb into cake tin and refrigerate until needed.

For the salted chocolate ganache:

Pour cream into a double boiler and bring to a simmer.
Place chocolate and butter in heated up cream and stir until melted and smooth.
Pour vanilla extract into ganache, and add salt to taste.
Allow ganache to cool slightly then pour into popcorn base and return to fridge to set.

For the caramel popcorn:

Lay popcorn out on a baking sheet.
Melt butter in a small pot, add sugar and water and heat through until sugar dissolves.
Bring caramel to a gentle simmer and cook for approximately 15 minutes until caramel thickens slightly and forms a pliable but fairly solid droplet when dropped into water.
Remove from heat and pour over popcorn.
Coat popcorn in caramel using a spoon and allow to cool completely in a spread out layer.

Serve salted chocolate ganache tart topped with caramel popcorn and maybe some ice cream!

Written by natasha

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