refried bean tacos

Refried bean tacos with pickled cabbage and avo!

I love refried bean tacos! Refried beans are so comforting and creamy, yet incredibly healthy too. Plus a little bit of Mexican always feels like a party! Usually I’d pair these with wraps, or even just dive into a bowl of them on their own, but this time I felt like having some fun…

Did you know that you can make tacos from Parmesan or any hard cheese really?? They’re called frico cheese tacos, or frico tacos. It’s finicky, and you’ll have to play around for a while to create the right thickness, but it’s so exciting!

refried bean tacos

Parmesan taco – ain’t it a beaut??

The salty crisp lightness of these parmesan crisps are a delightful contrast to the heavy creaminess of the beans. Add some cooling avo, and bright crunchy cabbage, and this meal is so texturally surprising.

If you’re not into making parmesan crisp tacos, just opt for regular wraps, but if you’re looking for a gluten free option, these are great! Either way, refried bean tacos are a quick and healthy option for midweek meals or weekend fiestas.


How to make refried bean tacos

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