Before we continue with the very important business of a purist margarita, I must apologize. I’ve been super MIA. But it’s because I’ve been very busy starting a business! Yay! Check out the good stuff if you’re into quality artisanal products from small local producers. I know you’ll love it 🙂

Now moving on…


Is it weird that I’m not particularly a tequila fan, but still enjoy a good margarita?? It’s probably the lime. I DO particularly enjoy that.

None the less, there are many versions of the margarita, with flavoured, frozen, and traditional takes appearing on pretty much every cocktail menu. However a purist likely only wants to see four ingredients at most listed under their margarita of choice. These being tequila, pure lime juice, Cointreau, and sugar syrup.

Some take it a step further and leave the Cointreau out entirely too. I’m of this breed of margarita drinkers! Not only is Cointreau an expensive liqueur, it also masks the flavour of tequila and lime.

How to make a purist margarita


1/4 cup tequila. I use El Jimador because I think it’s the smoothest.
2 Tbs lime juice. This works out to about 1 medium lime.
1 Tbs simple syrup. Simple syrup is just equal parts water and sugar boiled and dissolved. Dissolve about a 1/4 cup sugar in a 1/4 cup water and keep it for making more margaritas!
1.5 Tbs cold water


1. Shake all ingredients with a generous amount of ice in a cocktail shaker, or just between two metal cups.
2. Have two tumblers ready with ice and pour the margarita into them.
3. Swirl, allow to meld slightly, and enjoy.

Written by natasha

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