mint iced tea punch

Mint Iced Tea Punch

My brother turned 20 this week, and his celebratory drink was this very mint iced tea rum punch! His drink of choice is always rum with anything, but for some reason his preferred mix is iced tea. So when he came around for a birthday dinner, I decided to make this little punch for him…. Read more »


Purist Margarita

Before we continue with the very important business of a purist margarita, I must apologize. I’ve been super MIA. But it’s because I’ve been very busy starting a business! Yay! Check out the good stuff if you’re into quality artisanal products from small local producers. I know you’ll love it 🙂 Now moving on… Is… Read more »

minted pea soup

Minted Pea Soup with a Poached Egg

A week night dinner couldn’t be quicker than minted pea soup. Not to say that it wouldn’t go down as easily on a lazy Friday night! This warm soup with its sweet and minty flavours is perfect for the season. And if the evening’s set to be a little sticky, serve it chilled. You could… Read more »

Xpresso Cafe Pretzel

Xpresso Cafe – All Menu Items R10!

Yesterday we visited Xpresso Cafe in Durbanville with relatively low expectations. I mean what even can you buy nowadays for a mere R10?! But would you believe me if I told you that we paid a measly R40 for all the items pictured below? Yup – 1 coffee, 1 tea, 1 pretzel the size of… Read more »

pasta primavera

Pasta Primavera Version 2.0

Pasta Primavera – a celebration of spring, spring veggies, and most importantly, carbohydrates! Pasta Primavera means Spring Pasta in Italian, and traditionally comprises of a selection of seasonal spring vegetables doused in cream and dressed over spaghetti. But that’s just so retro! The cream sauce doesn’t do it for me on a fresh spring day… Read more »

shepherd's pie

Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Shepherd’s Pie

A shepherd’s pie is the perfect weekday meal for a chilly mid season evening. There’s something so nostalgic and comforting about this humble dish, plus it’s perfect for packing in extra veggies! Forego the traditional white potato topping and opt for a combination of sweet potato and cauliflower instead. The pairing of rich lamb and… Read more »

chakalaka cheese braai bread

Chakalaka Cheese Braai Bread

What’s a braai without chakalaka and a cheesy garlic loaf??? Combine the two and you have a heritage day winner! Cue this chakalaka and cheese stuffed braai loaf, which may just steal the show at your braai day table this weekend. Last year I went all out with roosterkoek burgers, so this year I wanted… Read more »

merrrel spring night series trail run

Merrell Spring Night Series Trail Run at Groot Constantia

Ever done a trail run through forests and vineyards in the dark? I have! The Merrell Spring Night Series Trail Run is the perfect opportunity to do so. Where the bizarre concept of running by lead of a small head light came from, I do not know. But it’s oddly liberating! And you get a… Read more »

strawberry frozen yogurt

Strawberry Mascarpone Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

No matter the weather, froyo always goes down a treat, and these strawberry mascarpone frozen yogurt popsicles are a particular pleasure! Obviously because they taste incredible, but also because they’re a simple task to prepare. With spring abloom, icy desserts are all the more incredible, but the creamy luxuriousness of these froyo popsicles makes them… Read more »

west coast national park

West Coast National Park Free Entry!

For all of this week (Mon, 12 Sep – Fri 16 Sep) entrance into the West Coast National Park, and all national parks nationwide, is free. Why? Because National Park Week! We made our way to the West Coast National Park today in the hope of spotting the last of spring’s flowers. While there wasn’t… Read more »

  • Black Forest Hot Chocolate - cherries and cream!

    Black Forest Hot Chocolate

    The traditional Black Forest Gateau has solidified chocolate and cherries as soulmates. But when the effort of creating a cake simply won’t do, this Black Forest hot chocolate is the perfect fix. It’s incredibly indulgent and serves more as a dessert than a warm beverage. The titillating trio of chocolate, cream, and cherries will have… Read more »

  • pork-and-apple-pie-2

    Pork, Apple, and Ale Pie with Cauli Crust

    This pork, apple, and ale pie is perfect for banting if you’re that way inclined. It boasts tons of fat courtesy of smoky kassler chops, and a coupl’a cups of cream. Plus, the toasty mustard and cauliflower top is carb free! With apples currently in season, this is the ultimate autumnal feast. Whether you’re banting… Read more »

  • Grilled Cheese with biltong and jalapeños

    Grilled Cheese – My Ultimate

    My ultimate grilled cheese contains salty cheddar (lots of it!), sweet caramelised onions, meaty biltong shavings, and piquant jalapeño – this ain’t no 90’s snackwich! YOUR ultimate grilled cheese may differ, but this will definitely place in your top three at least. One friend had this to say about my grilled cheese: “You know when… Read more »

  • peri-peri-livers

    Cheat’s Peri Peri Chicken Livers

    If there’s one thing I look forward to even more than homemade soup in winter, it’s peri peri chicken livers! They’re spicy, slightly boozy, and accompanied by bread – what more could you ask for when a certain bone-chilling freeze sets in??! Mine is a cheat’s peri peri chicken livers version because it’s ridiculously easy… Read more »

  • top-image

    Garlic and Chilli Pasta

    This garlic and chilli pasta is a take on the traditional Italian Aglio pasta. An Aglio pasta has come to be known as any pasta that has a flavoured olive oil “coating” instead of an actual sauce. The lack of heavy sauce makes this pasta light and incredibly easy to make. This also happens to… Read more »

  • sushi-1

    Catch 22 – Sushi

    Living in Table View, I usually venture towards the CBD for good sushi. There’s just nothing much in terms of good quality, but value for money sushi as far as Table View is concerned! Catch 22 in Blouberg is by no means a specialised sushi institution. In fact, it’s a seafood and grille restaurant offering… Read more »

  • wild-west-brekky-cup-top

    Wild West Breakfast Cups

      My guilty pleasure when there’s nothing to eat in the house is baked beans with butter, cheese, and chilli sauce – Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it! These Wild West Breakfast Cups are just a refined version of my embarrassing pantry indulgence. You could just as easily call them “breakfast bowls” if you didn’t… Read more »

  • normal-steak-image

    Chimichurri Steak and Roast Mediterranean Salad

    It was the Taste of Cape Town food festival that inspired me to venture into Argentinian cuisine. The Chimichurri sauce in this recipe is a real Argentinian staple, and is often used as a marinade and dressing for all grilled meats. I happened to have an impressive rump steak waiting patiently in my fridge to… Read more »

  • tequila-trout

    Taste of Cape Town 2015 – A Photo Diary

      Taste of Cape Town is one of my absolute fav foodie events. It’s pretty much a food lover’s dream. You could liken it to being a kid in a candy store really! For a full write-up on what I loved and didn’t love as much, check out my article for More Than Food HERE. … Read more »

  • Chimichurri slider

    Chimichurri Steak with Roast Mediterranean Salad

      It was the Taste of Cape Town food festival that inspired me to venture into Argentinian cuisine. The Chimichurri sauce in this recipe is a real Argentinian staple, and is often used as a marinade and dressing for all grilled meats. I happened to have an impressive rump steak waiting patiently in my fridge… Read more »