Inverroche Gin

Inverroche Verdant – My absolute fav Inveroche Gin

Inverroche Distillery’s Gins

inverroche gin

The tasting room at Inverroche is so beaut – dark, moody, and industrial

Distilled in the chilled town of Stilbaai, Inverroche has three different gin offerings – the Classic, Amber, and my favourite, the Verdant.

Inverroche Gin

Inverroche Verdant with the special type of fynbos used to infuse it.

The Classic is a traditionally styled gin with recognisable notes of juniper and citrus. The Amber is sweeter, and warmer, while the Verdant is definitely the most refreshing and floral in my opinion.

The tasting bar at Inveroche Gin Distillery

The tasting bar at Inveroche Gin Distillery

What sets Inverroche gins apart is the fact that they’re infused with fynbos, which adds a uniquely delicious twist to their arsenal of gin deliciousness.

Inverroche does gin, rum, and more!

However, Inverroche don’t just produce stellar gins. They’ve also recently launched a smooth 7 year aged rum made for sipping on the rocks, as well as a brandy-like liquer called Botanique, which I reckon could highly enhance a bowl of chocolate or vanilla ice cream.

Inverroche Gin

Inverroche 7 year Rum

Inverroche gin

Inverroche Botanique

Might I just add that they’re exporting their rum to the Caribbean. Do you get a better stamp of approval??

Inverroche gin

Tasting Inverroche’s 7 year rum

Tasting and tour options

If you’re keen on visiting Inverroche, you have two tasting options. One is a quick but informative taste of everything they offer for R50, while the second includes a tour of the distillery.

The tour and tasting is approximately an hour long, which you’ll have to book for, and I’m not sure what the cost is. Contact them for deets. If you’re after a quick tasting, you’re able to just arrive and be seen to.

Jaco took us through our tasting. He’s only 18 years old and so knowledgeable, which isn’t surprising since he’s been working at the distillery for three years. He’s just recently been allowed to get involved in the actual distilling process, and his passion certainly shines through. He lives at the distillery in a tower-type room that looks like something straight out of Disney!

Jaco, our tasting guide at Inverroche Gin

Jaco, our tasting guide at Inverroche

After Inverroche, we hit up a cute cafe located at the bottom of a long olive tree lined pathway, pretty much right next to the distillery. Of course, we left with a bottle of Inverroche Verdant, which comes in the most suave packaging.

Olive trees for days!

Olive trees for days!

Huge thanks to my amaze boyfriend, Jarret Johnson, for snapping the pics, and surprising me with this adventure on our way home from Plett.

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Inverroche would love to use on our Facebook post some of the fabulous images disp[layed here. How do I get permission to do so, please? (from Maureen Marud, media relations, Inverroche Distillery)


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