natasha silva mess and mojitos

Why “Mess and Mojitos?” – Coz I make a mess in the kitchen and my cocktail of choice is almost always a Mojito!

I’m a freelance social media manager, copywriter, and blogger living in Cape Town, South Africa.

My passions are food first, and then books, and travel equally. Luckily they all meld together pretty perfectly!

I don’t necessarily have a “food philosophy”, I just like to eat (and cook) good food! I’m not a fan of processed foods, and  respect the fact that food is the ultimate medicine, however I take great comfort in eating too. So, occasionally my recipes are ridiculously overindulgent. Life’s too short for OTT restrictions!

My social media clients include Alpha Pharm Pharmacies, as well as Zion South Africa.

I also contribute to, as well as More Than Food – two epic South African online food magazines.

Feel free to contact me for any social media or copywriting work you need done. Or even just to chat about food, books, and travel!

Email me at –

Looking forward to getting in touch 🙂




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