Chicken noodle soup has the tendency to look like bath water! But maybe we’re so concerned with “instagrammable” food that we’ve forgotten the goodness of the traditional, nutritious and comforting fare that we grew up on. It may not make the prettiest picture, but this stuff is so good for the body, and equally as good for the soul.

chicken noodle soup

The chicken noodle soup is admittedly not gorgeous, but what it lacks in looks in makes up for in personality.

I call this a “cheat’s” version of chicken noodle soup because instead of spending an hour making a chicken stock to form the base of my soup, I just buy a really decent FRESH stock from my favourite butcher, Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants. To be honest, they probably make a better stock than I ever could. Plus they use bones from ethically reared chicken which makes the stock even more nutritious.

chicken noodle soup

Doesn’t macaroni just make you feel cosy???

It’s beyond important that you use a fresh stock for this – none of that stock pot/stock block business filled with flavourants, preservatives and other nasties! I’ve spotted tubs of fresh chicken stock at Woolies too, but your butcher is probably the healthier way to go. Fill your soup with tons of chicken and top it up with a healthy dose of seasonal veggies.

Serves 4

How To Make Chicken Noodle Soup


2 large carrots chopped
2 celery sticks chopped
2 leeks chopped
4 garlic cloves chopped
2 large sprigs fresh thyme
2 large bay leaves
1 whole chicken (approx 1.5kg)
2 litres fresh chicken stock
1 Tbs peppercorns
1 cup wholewheat macaroni or pasta of your choice
2 handfuls spinach
1 tsp chilli paste/sauce (optional)
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice


1. In a large pot, saute carrots and celery for 2 minutes, then add leeks and garlic, and saute for a further minute.
2. Place chicken and herbs in pot and brown chicken slightly on all sides.
3. Pour stock over chicken, put peppercorns in pot, cover, and simmer for 20 – 30 minutes or until chicken is cooked through but still succulent.
4. Remove chicken from pot using tongs, cover pot and continue cooking vegetables.
5. Allow chicken to cool, covered with foil to retain moisture.
6. While chicken is cooling, place pasta in pot and simmer until cooked.
7. Once chicken has cooled for at least 10 minutes, pull off desired amount of meat and add to soup.
8. Throw in spinach, stir, and take off heat. Leave covered for 5 minutes allowing spinach to cook, and flavours to meld.
9. Add chilli paste and squeeze of lemon juice and stir.
10. Remove thyme and bay leaves before serving.

Written by natasha

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