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Living in Table View, I usually venture towards the CBD for good sushi. There’s just nothing much in terms of good quality, but value for money sushi as far as Table View is concerned!

Catch 22 in Blouberg is by no means a specialised sushi institution. In fact, it’s a seafood and grille restaurant offering sushi “on the side.” However, sushi is what we were after, so we figured we’d roll the dice with Catch 22.

Their view alone is definitely worth visiting for considering their balcony offers incredible views of the ocean, as well as good ol’ Table Mountain.


Catch 22 – Chilli poppers and cocktails

Being the mojito maniac that I am, a mojito was definitely on the cards, as well as some chilli poppers to start off with. If an establishment offers mojitos, poppers, or chicken wings, I’m definitely going to try one or all of them!

The poppers were delicious, although the batter was slightly soft and oily. But the jalapeƱos themselves were the perfect balance of heat and sweet, and the cheese filling was smooth, stringy, and flavoursome.

My mojito was average. Why sooooo much of ice??! It was kinda pricey too at about R45.00 considering its size and cocktail to ice ratio.


Catch 22 – Sushi and Wine

The sushi was nice, although there was nothing particularly exciting about it. Their offering is pretty plain and traditional, so it’ll satisfy the most basic sushi craving, but nothing more. Their sushi’s fairly priced as well, since we paid near on R450 for two people at the end of our meal, which included poppers, cocktails, a glass of wine and beer, and a dessert.


Catch 22 – Chocolate Fondant

Speaking of dessert, it was beyond disappointing! Does this look like a proud, bountious fondant to you??! I suppose they can hide behind the tile of “Hawaiian Mudslide”, which is what this was labeled as on the menu, but it’s description was distinctly fondant-like. Also the ice cream was bleh. My suggestion? – Don’t order dessert here!

All in all, my experience was fair. The service, although friendly, was definitely lacking in attentiveness. We’d often spot our waiter huddled with other waiters in conversation when we needed him. But we kinda took it in our stride since we were super relaxed and had nowhere to be.

For a relaxed meal, and drinks with a gorgeous view, Catch 22 is a gem. Just don’t go when you’re in a rush or are particularly impatient. Also, NEVER order dessert!

I’m keen on visiting again and ordering from their regular seafood and grille menu.






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